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ages 13-college


5 Week Session

Aug. 14-Sept. 18

Monday Evenings

$60 plus $25 once a year enrollment fee

*Team class + Improv class discount: $100 for both

at The City Center

Who is Improv 101 Class for? Take a look!
  • Actors that would like to improve their technique and timing
  • Students that have never taken theatre and would like to start in a non-competitive and fun atmosphere
  • Seasoned actors that enjoy keeping their talent fresh by continually training their given circumstance reactions
  • Students that have a tendency to "over-think" things and would like to have a safe and encouraging place to work on this issue
  • Students that like to have fun and connect with other students on different levels
  • Basically.... ANYONE that likes to have fun on stage!
Improvisation is theatre for everybody. The raw material of improvisation is the honest expressions, experiences and passions of the performers and the audience. It is "immediate" theatre. Good improvisation is also built on conquering fears and working collaboratively in an accepting environment. Skills learned through improv theatre have a positive effect on those who acquire them--skills that help break down barriers to communication, strengthen diversity and help with integration of communities. Improv isn't just a "theatre skill", it's also a "life skill".

The Improv 101 class is a fun "intro" class for anyone new to improvisational theatre or actors wanting to work foundationally with improv theatre. Each week the rules of theatre will be introduced and through exercises and games, class members will get the opportunity to use their newfound knowledge "immediately". This class will learn very quickly to create a safe and encouraging environment where everyone can create without boundary or insecurity. 
Improv 101 will be held Monday evenings, August 14th-September 18th from 6:00pm-7:00pm at The City Center. The class is for ages 13-college aged students. The cost for the 5 week session is $60 plus a once a year $25 enrollment fee. The enrollment fee is $25 per FAMILY, not student.
If you would like to sign up for either the Middle School Team or High School Team AND the Improv 101 Class, there is a "bundle discount". You would pay the $25 enrollment fee and then the total for both classes would be $100.
If you would like to sign up for Improv 101 please email us at:
The $25 enrollment fee is required to hold your spot. $60 class payment is due the first day of class.
All class attendees are asked to dress comfortably and modestly. No slip off shoes allowed.
An Improv 102 class will be offered next session. This class will be for anyone that has taken Improv 101 and wants to further their improvisation skills. Improv 102 starts September 25th and ends October 23rd. 
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