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Our first Summer Kids Beginning Production is for  ages 7-12 that have an interest in stage performance. This class provides a jam packed combination of an intro to theatre fundamentals as well as a great introduction to acting on stage.

Each week in this class, students will be learning basic theatre technique and will immediately get to apply their newly attained knowledge when we jump into our play rehearsal. This is really a unique opportunity for beginning actors. Most young beginning actors are thrust up on stage without being taught any stage fundamentals and are expected to perform at the level of everyone else. At Connect Theatre Arts, one of our goals is to prepare students for "performance level theatre". We want them to be comfortable on stage and to know that they are prepared when it comes time for their first production. This class will not only teach kids ABOUT being in a production, it will also allow them to PARTICIPATE in a production.


Our 2019 Kids Production will be called "The New Neighbor" and is a play about diversity, acceptance and being confident in yourself. 

Kids will meet every Tuesday evening. They will rehearse their play as well as learn stage vocabulary, theatre etiquette and have a weekly lesson on theatre technique. At the end of the session, they will perform a 20-25 minute play for their friends and families. At CTA we believe that "all performances are created equal" and try to make sure that all of our students feel that their work is important. Beginning Production students will have invitations to hand out, there will be tickets sold at the door, our programs will have a place for the actors to sign autographs, we'll have our cast photos taken in costume, and there will be an "Encore Cookie Reception" afterward to celebrate the hard work of the ensemble. It will be a wonderful opportunity for every child involved!


  • This class is for students of all levels whether it's their first time on stage or their 50th! *Note: All students need to be "readers".

  • Please know that there will be lines to learn and all kids involved will be required to take direction well.

  • Attendance will be important this session. If you know that you will be missing more than one class, please consider enrolling in our improv class or waiting until our next session. Because this class will be rehearsing a play and working with a script, it will be very important that students are in class each week.

  • A respectful attitude is expected from all children. No bullying will be tolerated. 

Beginning Production Info:

*Every family needs to read our CTA Guidelines located on the "About Us" page.

Ages: 7 years to 12 years

Times: Tuesday evenings 5:30-7:30pm

Dates: January 8th-March 5th *February 19th, 26th and March 5th classes may run longer if extra rehearsal is needed. This would mean we would start class at 4:30 and have the same ending time of 7:30pm.

Place: Yukon Church on 10th Street 

Performance: 7:00pm on March 5th at Yukon Church

TUITION: $120 production fee + $25 new student enrollment fee per family. A $20 costume fee may be assessed later in the production period. The production fee and enrollment fee are due at time of enrollment. The costume fee is not.

If you are new to Connect Theatre Arts, a meet and greet audition will need to be set up with the director. This is nothing to be worried about! All kids enrolled in class will get a part, the director just needs to hear the child read some lines and get acquainted with their personality to help her cast the play before the first day of class. More information will be sent to you after you enroll.

There are 15 available slots in this class. If you are interested in enrolling, please email us at: 

We will send you our production information. You may enroll in class after you have read the production info. Once this class has been filled, a waiting list will be started. 

Tuition payments can be made via Paypal, CashApp or by a scheduled drop off.

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