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Private Theatre Lessons start this fall in: The Actor's Workshop

The Actor's Workshop schedules appointments on Wednesday evenings from 4:00pm-6:00pm. We meet at The Sewcial Club in Yukon.

*Thanks to Ms. Valerie Parker for her support of Connect Theatre Arts

Whether it's private acting lessons to help you gain technique as an actor, specialized acting coaching for specific material like monologues or songs, or guidance in preparing for an audition, The Actor's Workshop has the help you need available! We are excited to have private theatre coaching available this fall for actors of all ages. 


Are you trying to get to the next level in your performance but are not sure what that is or how to push yourself to get there?


Just like a singer takes vocal lessons, an actor should be taking acting lessons. An actor can never have too much technique training! An actor needs to stay conditioned. Timing, improvisation, in-the-moment decision making, characterization, honesty, connection, awareness, visualization, focus/concentration, imagination.... these are the tools of the actor--tools that need to be continually sharpened.

Maybe you are just starting out on your theatre journey and could use some great technique introduction to help you lay a great foundation.

Maybe you are a seasoned actor that would love to "up your game" and challenge yourself a little more. Maybe you are an actor that loves to stay polished and would like to just work on some different technique exercises to "stay in stage shape".

Wherever you are in your acting odyssey, we can work with you at your level and help you accomplish your personal theatre goals!

What The Actor's Workshop can help you with:

  • Characterization/character analysis

  • Increase your ability to emote while singing

  • Find the "gaps" in your acting performance and learning how to "fill" them

  • Learn to dissect a script and find what is "not written" on the page

  • Discover the personal strengths and gifts that God has given you and develop them to benefit you as an actor

  • Learn how to better prepare yourself for big auditions and to make sure your performance was memorable

  • Why aren't you getting callbacks? Let's work on that!

  • Get help picking the best type of monologue or song for your audition

  •  Parents can get advice on how to best support their child actor and learn the ins and outs of the audition process

  • Challenging you to better your actor technique and timing

  • Creating a safe environment for you to explore acting work that you've never tried before

  • Prayer for direction and discovery as you search for material or the best company for you!

Private Acting Lessons/Theatre Coaching at The Actor's Workshop: $15 per 30 minute lesson.

First lesson is a free evaluation meet up with Ms. Heather. Theatre coaching can be as relaxed or as intense as you'd like it to be. Ms. Heather will take note of your hopes and goals and take a week to create an individual lesson experience tailor made for you! She also does "pop-in appointments" for actors just looking for some quick advice before auditions.  

If you are interested in private theatre coaching, please email us at to set up an appointment.

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