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Kids Intro to Improv Class is NOW ENROLLING for the Winter 2019 Session in Warr Acres!

Improvisation is for EVERYONE. Good improvisation is built on conquering fears and working collaboratively in an accepting environment. Skills learned through improv theatre have a positive effect on those who acquire them-skills that help break down barriers to communication, strengthen diversity and help with integration of communities. Improv isn't just a "theatre skill", it's also a "life skill".

Our Kids Intro to Improv class is a fun beginners class for anyone new to improvisational theatre. It is also a fun class for experienced young actors that want to work on improving their theatre technique skills. Each week the rules of improvisation will be introduced through the use of exercises and games. 

Kids will learn to think quickly on stage in a positive and supportive environment. Improvisational theatre is such a fun and exciting world for kids to explore. Their imaginations run wild at all times. They live in a world that tries to tame their imaginations all day and get them to "focus". Improv is such a wonderful release for young students. They love to create with their fellow actors and have such a great time connecting through spontaneous theatre scenes and games. 

Students will walk away from this class feeling more confident, not only in their acting skills, but more confident in everything they do. The magic of improvisational theatre is the strength it builds in its performers. Actors that work with improv learn very quickly that they can use these skills everywhere they go. Situations that seemed scary and overwhelming before don't have the same effect anymore because they've been "rehearsed". Kids feel more prepared for tough life situations--and that, my friends, makes every bit of this WORTH IT!

The improv classroom must be a "safe place". This class requires a positive, encouraging environment. No bullying will be tolerated. Respectful and cooperative attitudes are expected. All students and families will need to read the CTA Guidelines which can be found under the "About Us" tab.

Information about Kids Intro to Improv Class:

Ages: Kids 8 years to 13 years

Time: Monday evenings 5:30-6:30pm at The City Center in Warr Acres

Date: Classes start January 14th and end February 18th

TUITION: $50 per student + $25 enrollment fee per household family. Tuition is due at the time of enrollment.

There are 15 available slots in this class. Once the class is full, we will start a waiting list. Please see the CTA Guidelines for information on refunds or class cancellations.

To enroll in class please email us at Payments are accepted via PayPal, CashApp or a scheduled drop off.

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