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A little about "Shake Up Christmas", The Musical:


In the busy town of Holly Rock, Thomas Alvero's Toy Shop is struggling. His daughter, Cora is worried that if they don't sell some toys soon, they will lose their business to their glitzy and swift competitor, "Glamazon". Cora's plea for help surprisingly brings forth some toys, an out of work news reporter, a bell ringer, and a little bit of the supernatural. But will this crazy combination be enough to not only save Alvero's Toy Shop, but also teach the town of Holly Rock that there's more to Christmas than holiday hustle and bustle?


COST:  $350 per student and a $25 enrollment fee per household family. First half of tuition ($200) is due AT AUDITIONS. The second half of tuition ($175) is due by September 29th.


  • This production is for actors ages 8-14. (MUST be 8 by August 1st)

  • AUDITIONS: Thursday, August 18th 

  • SCRIPT PICK UP: Saturday, August 20th 

  • First rehearsal: Thursday, August 25th from 4:45-7:30pm

  • Weekly Thursday rehearsals: September 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th. October 6th, 20th. November 3rd, 10th from 4:45-7:30pm

  • TECH WEEK rehearsals: November 14th-17th from 4pm-8pm (Time is tentative). *Tech week rehearsals are MANDATORY.

  • PERFORMANCES will be on Friday, November 18th at 6:30pm and Saturday, November 19th at 3:00pm.

PRODUCTION INFO (audition info will follow): 

  • Your child may be cast in a speaking role OR a background/nonspeaking role. A respectful attitude is expected from all children. No bullying will be tolerated. 

  • All kids involved will be required to listen, focus, and take direction well to remain in the cast.

  • Attendance is important for every cast member. Students may not miss more than 2 rehearsals during the production period. If your student needs to miss more than twice, it is possible that the director can work around this before roles are cast. Email us at with any conflicts before auditioning.

  • Every family needs to read our CTA Guidelines located under the "About Us" tab BEFORE AUDITIONING. In the guidelines you will find our Code of Conduct which includes subjects like our behavior policy, refund policy and our dress code.

  • All families will be asked to sign a production contract (based off of our Code of Conduct). You can find a copy of the Production Contract under the "About Us" tab for perusal. 

  • COVID Info-- Yukon Church has spread out their seats in accordance with the COVID-19 theatre seating guidelines to help ensure students will be socially distanced while seated. AT THIS TIME masks are optional. If our directors feel that masks are needed at any point, they reserve the right to make this change. We will have mask breaks and there may be times/activities that we take our masks off for (per director's discretion) if masks ever become required. If parents wish for their students to wear a mask during rehearsals they need to make sure their child and director know this.


  • All students must be between the ages of 8 and 14

  • Our directors are looking for students that can speak loudly and show character on stage. Voice projection is a must!

  • All parents and auditionees need to read and sign the CTA Code of Conduct before auditioning. You can find this under the "About Us" tab. The signature pages will be available at auditions.

  • Students NEW to auditioning for Connect Theatre Arts need to have a 30 second MEMORIZED monologue to perform. You can pick your own or use one of ours provided at the bottom of the page. Students need to memorize all the words and then perform it for our directors.

  • Students that have auditioned with a monologue for Connect Theatre Arts BEFORE will NOT need to do it again. They do not need to prepare one.

  • ALL auditionees need to prepare a song to sing. Please be prepared to sing for at least 30 seconds. The song must be child appropriate--no cursing or inappropriate subject matter. Accompaniment will not be available. All auditionees will be singing acapella. 

  • Auditionees will be asked to cold read from the script. Auditionees need to be able to read. *If your child has a difficult time with reading, but has no problem with memorization, please email us so our directors can prepare something specific for auditions. 

  • Please be prepared to list any conflicts you have with the rehearsal schedule at auditions.

  • Each audition slot is 15 minutes long. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time and plan to remain on the premises about 30 minutes in case the directors want to call you back in for another specific read. 

  • Auditions are 'closed auditions'. No one, but the auditionee, is allowed in the audition room. A waiting area will be provided. All guests of the auditionee must remain in the waiting area at all times.

  • No food or drink in audition room or waiting area.

  • Parents need to know that there will be paperwork to fill out at auditions. Please have your insurance information with you. You will also need to know child's clothing sizes and height.

  • There will also be script sides and character lists for each auditionee to read before entering the audition room. The better prepared a student is, the better they will do in auditions. 

  • All families need to know that only 2 absences are allowed during a production period and that Tech Week rehearsals are MANDATORY for each student.

  • First half of production fees are due at auditions.

  • Acting resume and headshots are suggested, but not required

  • One of the commitments to a CTA production is after show clean up. ALL CAST will be required to stay after our November performances and help clean up the church. It usually takes us about 2 hours to get everything cleaned up. No cast member is allowed to leave until we are finished. 

  • If you would like to sign up for an audition time slot, follow this link to our sign up page:



Questions? Email us at


Here are three 30 second audition monologues that you may choose from for auditions on August 18th. *You may also choose your own, these are just options for those that would like to use one of ours. They need to be memorized. 


Monologue #1: "The Meeting"

 Notes: Either gender

Thank you for agreeing to this meeting today. I appreciate your time, really, I do. It has come to my attention that you have repeatedly denied my request for a baby brother and I knew it was time to take some drastic measures. Hence, this meeting. I thought I would share my plan on how we can make this all work out so that everyone is happy. Number one: I will help to feed and water the baby daily—just like I do with Fluffy. (Stops and thinks a moment) Wait, did I remember to feed Fluffy today…? (Shakes head; continues on) Oh well, number two: You will change all diapers. And poopy diapers will not be allowed. I will explain this to baby when he arrives. Number three: He can’t be too cute. Like, not so cute that everyone forgets about me. Number f—hey, wait! Where are you going? Mom! Mom! I still have twelve more points!! (Runs off after her)


Monologue #2: "Best Friends"

Notes: Either gender

 Sam and I used to be best friends. He was so great! No matter what I told him, he kept it a secret. The whole summer camp that we were best friends, we had so much fun together. Then I picked Ali as my best friend during the two weeks before school started. She could make flute sounds with her nose. I've never met anyone that talented. Then when school started I picked Justin as my best friend. But he didn't like tacos. How could anyone trust someone that doesn't like tacos, right? So then I picked Kylie. Well, actually, she picked me. She sat by me in band class and she told me that I was her new best friend and there was nothing I could do about it. So that was cool. But then she decided she liked Sarah better than me. So then I picked a new kid named Sam to be my best friend but he wasn't as good as the old Sam. Now my best friend is Lee. Because she can eat french fries with her toes. Isn't that amazing?? I'm pretty sure this one is a keeper. Our best friendship was obviously meant to be!


Monologue #3: "That Boy Jace"

Notes: Either gender

Sometimes when I'm around a big group of people, my stomach hurts. I don't know why. It feels like someone is pressing on it kind of. Or like it's swirling a little bit. It feels like when I have to talk in front of my class and that boy, Jace, makes faces at me and laughs at my clothes. I wear different clothes every time I have to talk in front of the class but still Jace laughs every single time. I haven't figured out what exactly is wrong with my clothes, but Jace makes me feel like they're very wrong. Sometimes I want to shout "HOW CAN A BLUE T-SHIRT AND JEANS BE THAT FUNNY, ANNOYING BOY THAT SITS IN THE BACK ROW AND PICKS HIS NOSE WHEN HE THINKS NO ONE'S LOOKING?!" But I don't. Instead, my stomach just starts hurting and I try to smile at him. My mom always tells me to smile when someone is bothering me so they don't know they're bothering me. I'm not sure if it works, but I will keep doing it. Because one day I'll be older and Jace won't be in my class and my stomach won't hurt anymore. I just gotta hang in there.

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