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Join us for:

Swing Dance Camp!

for ages 12+

Monday, June 25th-Friday, June 29th


at One Church OKC

$75 camp tuition plus $25 enrollment fee

Have you ever wanted to learn to swing dance? Honestly, who hasn't?? Swing dancing is such a fun, unique and creative style of dance. It's impossible to do it without smiling! #truestory


Connect Theatre Arts will be having a week long Summer Swing Dance Camp for ages 12+. Dancers will be learning the basic steps of swing style and some variations of families of Swing dancing. They will also be learning how to implement these steps into improvised dancing. This class isn't about learning ONE choreographed routine that will be performed ONCE. Rather, the students in this camp will walk away with some tips and tricks to apply their learned skills to creating their own choreographed performances as well as being able to participate spontaneously with other swing dancers wherever they go! 

At the end of this camp, students will be able to:

*do various East Coast Swing, Charleston, and Lindy Hop dance moves

*improvise and social dance with any partner

*confidently navigate the social dance floor


Things you need to know:

*We will be dancing a lot, so expect to be sweaty at the end of the day. Bring a towel and a water bottle

*You do not have to sign up with a partner. You will be dancing with multiple partners each day of camp

*It would be helpful to have a recording device of some kind (smartphone, camera etc.) with you every day to help you practice at home

*All students will be required to follow the camp dress code: loose fitting clothing, no spaghetti strap tops, any shorts worn must be within two inches of the knee.

*And most importantly--SHOES! Shoe choice is VERY important when it comes to any kind of dance. For swing dancing you want to make sure that you have a shoe that will "glide" across the floor. NO tennis shoes unless they are Converse or Ked style. Sunday style "dress" shoes or character shoes with a smooth bottom will work as well. No flip flops or sandals. And shoes MUST be worn--no bare feet or socks only.

Class Times:

Monday, June 25th-Friday, June 29th 1:00pm-4:00pm at One Church OKC

Cost for camp: $100 per person plus $25 enrollment fee


Introducing our Guest Director: Raiden Sawyer

Raiden Sawyer is a senior English major at Abilene Christian University with a minor in theatre. He is the current president of the ACU Swing Cats, the swing dancing club on campus. He has been a part of every aspect of theatre throughout his12 year acting career and has been swing dancing at ACU for 3 years.  He has traveled across the state of Texas to attend multiple swing dancing workshops and competitions.

Raiden's favorite things about swing dancing are "the silliness of it and the way that it connects people with its freeform nature--like every dance is a conversation. Swing dance has a way of making 'community' wherever it goes'"

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