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At Connect Theatre Arts, we love to put on productions! And we do so frequently! But at CTA, we believe that theatre education and preparation are crucial components to a student's success on the stage. This is why we offer theatre experiences/classes where students can hone their dramatic skills and technique before they step into a large scale production.

You wouldn't throw your kids into a large sports competition before they ever attended practice, right? We don't want students pushed out on stage in front of a live audience before they're ready either! Our desire is that every student's first theatre experience be a positive one. When students are equipped and prepared for a big show, there is a much better chance of the experience turning out to be a great one.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to get started?


Our spring schedule is up and enrollment is open! All classes will be held at Yukon Church (11715 NW 10th St.). 
Being a part of a large production at CTA requires a time commitment that not all families can participate in. Smaller production classes are a great way for busy students to get to participate in theatre! We can't wait to get started!  

For info on our Tuesday evening production classes for ages 6 to 18 click here:

For info on our Friday Homeschool Production Classes click here:



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