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Our dress code at CTA is very important to us. Surprisingly enough, theatre class and rehearsals can get very active! We've been known to jump off of platforms, roll on the floor, crawl across the stage, hang upside down dramatically, rehearse around instruments, cords and equipment...etc.  It's very important that your student is dressed appropriately for our class/rehearsal activity. Here is a run down of our dress code for you to be able to refer to quickly:

CTA's basic dress code is: 

  • Jeans (denim, no excessive holes), a normal sized t-shirt (no crops or midi length, no pictures that are inappropriate for children---bands/weapons) and tennis shoes (no slip off shoes of any kind)


  • Loose track pants/sweats (no leggings, no pajamasand a normal sized t-shirt, and tennis shoes 

  • There will be no leniency in this area.


Connect Theatre Arts has a dress code for class and rehearsals that all students are required to follow. Here is our protocol for handling outfits that break dress code:

  • FIRST TIME A STUDENT BREAKS DRESS CODE: Parents will be notified. If the outfit is going to hinder the student's participation in class/rehearsal, parents will be called and given the opportunity to bring suitable clothing OR the student will sit out of activities during class/rehearsal time.

  • SECOND TIME A STUDENT BREAKS DRESS CODE: Parents will be called to come and pick up student or bring them a change of clothes appropriate for active play in class.

  • THIRD TIME A STUDENT BREAKS DRESS CODE: If a student shows up in clothes that break dress code a third time, the student will be dismissed from class/production. Parents will be called to come get them. 

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