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We are a Christian theatre arts program that holds classes, camps and productions for students of all ages. Our heart is to teach theatre arts with a focus on Jesus and His gifts to us. We believe that our artistic talents and abilities are a gift from the Lord.






Our desire is to teach theatre in a safe and loving environment. We perform published material as well as some great original pieces, but the content of our performances is always family-friendly. We welcome all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. If you have a heart to use your passion for theatre in a way that glorifies the Lord, come join us. Let's take the journey together!


Connect Theatre Arts was founded by Heather Begay. Heather has taught theatre to students of all ages for 25 years. She wrote her first play in elementary school and directed her first play in high school.

After marrying her high school sweetheart at the age of 18, the couple was stationed in Georgia, where she attended Macon College pursuing a theatre degree.  She taught classes and directed church plays during the 4 years they lived there.

Heather has been a member of Victory Church OKC in Warr Acres, Oklahoma, for 20+ years. She has written and directed numerous productions for Victory as well as other churches. Being a homeschool mom herself, she also teaches theatre classes at homeschool co-ops. She has also written plays that have been performed by other theatre companies in Oklahoma.


Heather's passion is "pulling the best out of students--stuff they didn't even know was hidden inside of themselves! That surprised look on their face when they nail a scene..? It makes it all worth it."

Her theatre philosophy has always been the same: "Be a giver. Just like Jesus is a giver. When you're on stage, never think about what your fellow actors need to do for you. Instead, run every scene with the goals of making them look good and thinking about what you can do for them. When every actor on stage is focused on how they can GIVE, the performers are unified and the end result is spectacular!"

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