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Connect Theatre Arts presents:

A Girl in a Classroom



2020 Skit



We are so excited to announce our Skit Writing Contest! And it couldn't come at a better time!

Do you have a young writer at home that would love the opportunity to showcase their talent? Are you a writer that would enjoy getting to take part in a contest with other writers? Our Spring 2020 Skit Writing Contest is going to be so much fun!

Here are the details!

  • The skit writing contest is for students ages 7-21. There will be 3 age groups of competition: Ages 7-10, Ages 11-14, Ages 15-21.

  • All entries must be written/typed in basic script format:

                   NAME OF CHARACTER: What the character says.

                   (All stage directions go in parentheses)

Here's an example piece of a script to help with formatting:

JON: (panting) Why did we have to run so far?! I am exhausted!

SUZIE: (falling on the couch) I thought you wanted to run that far!

     (JON looks at SUZIE and throws his arms up in the air)

JON: I was waving at you to stop!

SUZIE: I thought you were waving at me to say "go farther"!

     (JON collapses onto a chair)

JON: I guess we need to work on our hand communication skills.

     (SUZIE gives JON a thumbs up)

  • Parents may help with the typing but may not assist in the writing of the script entry.

  • All skit scripts are due by Friday, April 24th at midnight. You can email scripts to  If you'd like to snail mail yours in, email us and we'll send you the mailing address.

  • Students can enter no more than 3 scripts.

  • Here are the 3 themes students can choose from to write about: "We were created to make a difference", "Love always wins", "Always do your best". These themes don't have to appear word for words in the skit. They are merely themes to build a skit around.

  • Skits need to be less than 5 minutes in length. This is usually about 4 1/2 bookfold pages in a 12pt font, about 2 1/2 regular pages in a 12pt. font or 3 handwritten pages. *Please make sure you read your script aloud and time it before you send it in so you know it meets time requirements!

  • The script must be an original idea and not copied from another source (movie, book, other skit/sketch/play)

  • A winner from each age category will be chosen. They will be notified by April 30th. Winners will receive:

    • A $25 prize

    • Their achievement being announced on our social media pages.

    • Free admission to our summer productions where their scripts will be performed live for our production audience! Winning scriptwriters will also be recognized on production nights.

  • Make sure you give your skit a title and put "Contest" in the subject line.

We are so excited to start reading all of the scripts that come in! We can't wait to see what you create!











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