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Outside the box and onto the stage
All for Him!
Connect Theatre Arts is a theatre education program that trains students ages 4 to 25 in the dramatic arts. We are passionate about offering theatre opportunities in a Christ-focused environment where students are encouraged to develop and use their gifts to bring glory to the Lord.
We operate out of Yukon Church (11715 NW 10th St.) in Yukon, Oklahoma. We offer fun theatre classes, advanced workshops and production opportunities at different times during the year. We also hold theatre camps and summer theatre activities. Our goal is to always provide high quality theatre experiences that do not compromise our desire to produce wholesome, family-friendly entertainment.
It is our hope that our students walk away from Connect Theatre Arts feeling more confident in who God's called them to be because of the connection they felt to the Lord while participating in our program.
We believe that through the meshing of ministry and arts education, theatre students will create character and purpose within themselves, discovering that their identity in Christ is to be a difference maker in the world around them.
Our Kids Theatre Class schedule is always filled with creativity and FUN! We don't do your "normal run-of-the-mill" acting classes. We offer unique opportunities for students to learn about theatre in many different ways!
Our High School/College classes are always so much fun! Acting games, team challenges, character creations, in class performances... we stay very busy! It's always so great to connect with others that share your interests!
Our Junior Production Team is for students ages 8 to 14. We usually do 3 large scale productions a year with the possibility of a couple smaller scale shows as well. 
Our Senior Production Team is for students ages 14 and up. We usually do 2 large scale shows a year. In the past we've done straight plays as well as musicals. While beginners are welcome to audition, they need to know that this is a hard working team for students serious about theatre.
Our Summer Theatre Camps can get pretty crazy! Campers ages 4 and up participate in theme days, skits, in class performances, fun dress up days, silly challenges and much more! Some of our summer camps are production camps as well!
CTA Workshops and Pop Up Classes are fast paced and intensive. Students learn A LOT. Our workshops and Pop Up Classes are open to anyone within the age range that would like to strengthen an area of theatre study. We are always looking for students that are wanting to increase their acting technique!


Our summer schedule is coming! We are so excited for TWO large productions and a week of theatre camps! It's going to be an awesome summer! Get signed up today!

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